Prominent Patrons (Donors)

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1E is one of our Prominent Patrons (Donors). We have been associated with them for past 15 years. 1E sponsors the children’s education.

The children are studying in an english medium public school. Some of the young adults are pursuing higher studies like graduation, engineering, ayurveda and yogic studies.

1E also donated a school bus in August 2014. Initially the children travelled to school in a van. The van had to make 3-4 round trips to ferry all the children, this added long waiting time for the children. Now all the children go together and it saves time.

1E has appointed a Child Psychologist to look after overall wellbeing of the children.

2 volunteers from 1E’s India office teach Basic Computer Skills to the Ashram children on Saturday evenings.

In Sep 2016 the staff of 1E organized an outing for all the Ashram children at Best Western Resort, Manesar. The children participated in a whole heartedly in the activities organized there and enjoyed themselves to the fullest.