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There is a striking simplicity that dots the innocence on the face of young trio of siblings that have found their home in the Ashram. Radha, Krishna and Roshni are the three new entrants of the Manav Mandir parivar. Their eyes wander over the new walls, the bright flowers in the garden and the neatly kept beds in their rooms, in sheer curiosity. “I am here to study “ says Roshni with a sense of determination in her eyes. In spite of the harsh realities that gloomed over their past, all of them have a smile on their face knowing that their future is ....

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Shubham has eyes that sparkle bright, in a hesitant voice he starts to speak but it is not long before he eases himself in the conversation, never failing to smile!

Shubham has grown with huge dreams in his eyes. Studying is class 11, Shubham juggles his time between his school, tuitions, preparing for the coveted NDA entrance and finding time to ease into a game of cricket or lay his hands on his favourite novels. Each day brings something new and exciting in the Ashram......

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25 year Gagan has a demeanour that instantly draws people to him, he is counted sometimes as shy, however, it is only a matter of few a minutes that Gagan opens up, smiling as he goes along. His conversations traverse far and wide reflecting the values he has imbibed in the ashram. A major in Computer science, he is now preparing for his GATE examinations.

“I came here when I was four years old”, recounts Gagan. Gagan has spent his childhood here and has grown amidst these walls.

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It is raining laurels in Manav Mandir Gurukul.

Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice and most of all, love of what you are doing or learning to do.

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Mataji can be seen around walking up and down the corridor, attending to a plethora of calls, welcoming guests to the Ashram, attending to children’s problem in person, looking after the kitchen, talking to more people, making provisions for the best of tuition classes, attending Parent’s-Teacher meetings, helping with the admin work- her presence radiating positivity, embracing all in the Ashram.